Our team of chefs have reinvented our food menu for Spring 2014. Lots of fantastic, funky new dishes, a new gourmet pizza section, some traditional pub classics and some old favourites too….

In addition, we also serve a selection of daily specials plus our legendary roast dinners every Sunday!! (we would strongly advise to book early to avoid disappointment!)


Selection of fresh bread

Served with tapenade, tomato, balsamic & extra virgin olive oil… 5.95

Pesto e pomodoro (v)

Stretched pizza bread with pesto, basil and tomato … 5.95

Fresh garlic and herb flatbread

baked in the oven and served with tapenade … 5.50


Grilled asparagus, wild mushroom and Brighton Blue Cheese tartlet (v)

served with beetroot and scotch bonnet chutney …6.50

Marinated squid and tiger prawn salad

with cherry tomatoes and bloody mary mayo …7.25

Hot smoked mackerel, bacon and avacado crostini

with wasabi and lemon mayo …6.50 (starter) / 12.95 (main)



Baked plaice paupiette

with oriental vegetables, shrimp and noodle salad with ginger and chilli salsa …13.95

Trio of Grasmere Farm sausages (caramalised red onion, garlic Rutland & real ale)

with buttered mash and meaty onion gravy … 13.50

Crispy skinned duck breast

with a pea shoot and pomegranite risotto and salsa verde …14.25

Butternut, Sussex Camembert and wild mushroom shortcrust pastry pie (v)

with straw mushrooms and chermoula salad … 12.95

Free range lemon and paprika chicken

topped with crispy bacon and Sussex Charmer and cajun spiced chunky chips … 13.50

Marinated tomato, artichoke and purple sprouting broccoli panzanella salad (v)

with flash fried Haloumi and sweet chilli … 12.95

Glazed 8oz. Sirloin steak with Brighton Blue cheese, wild mushroom and pepper sauce

served with chunky chips … 19.95


Margherita (v)

A simple classic topped with fresh basil… £9.95

Mediterranean (v)

Chargrilled aubergine, courgette, peppers, olives, finished with a drizzle of pesto… £10.95


pepperoni, ham, mushrooms and olives… 10.50

Sussex cheesealicious (v)

Brighton Blue, Sussex Camembert and Sussex Charmer… 11.50


Spicy chicken, beef, pepperoni, salami and fresh chillies… 11.50


Gozleme (v)

Roast aubergine, courgette, sun dried tomato, ricotta and basil in a folded pizza

with chilli sauce, garlic butter, pickles and herb salad…£10.95


Spiced lamb, tomato, mozzarella and fresh parsley served in a folded pizza

with chilli sauce, garlic butter, pickles and herb salad…£11.95


Crispy duck teriyaki

with cucumber, mint and spring onion salad and lemon wasabi mayo… 14.95

Barbeque pork belly

with chorizo, jalapenos and Kohlrabi and Cox’s apple slaw… 14.95

Seafood special

hot smoked mackerel, tiger prawns and crayfish with caviar mayo… 14.95


Homemade beef burger

topped with mature Sussex Cheddar… 12.95

Spicy pork and chorizo burger

with mature Sussex Cheddar… 12.95

Spinach and goat’s cheese falafel (v)

with beetroot and scotch bonnet chutney…11.95

(All served with kohlrabi and Cox’s apple slaw, pickles and skinny fries)


Teriyaki ribs & wasabi, chilli and peanut chicken wings

with kohlrabi and Cox’s apple slaw… 12.95

Antipasto vegetariano (v)

baked aubergine, artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella

and salad with pesto, chutney and fresh bread…12.95

Antipasto meats

A selection of cured meats, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, rocket pesto, tomato chutney,

mixed salad and crusty bread …12.95

 (all dishes may contain nuts – please ask a member of staff regarding any allergies)


A range of desserts are available daily, please ask a member of staff for details.